We are looking forward to seeing you at the Georgia Poultry Federation Summer Leadership Conference July 18-19 at the Ponte Vedra Inn and Resort.

There are a few updates and changes to the meeting that I want to share with you.

We all love Ponte Vedra, but as is the case with most all nice destinations, the cost of the meeting – meals, drinks and other meeting costs – has continued to rise significantly.

Unlike most other conferences that you might attend, we have historically invited our non-sponsoring guests to attend at no charge. The Federation has picked up the cost of the meeting beyond what has been collected from our generous sponsors.

Unfortunately, that cost has become too much for the Federation to absorb each year, so we have no choice but to begin implementing a registration fee for each attendee registered to participate in the activities, receptions and meals associated with the Summer Meeting – $200 per primary attendee or $400 per couple; and $100 for each additional guest or family member attending (no charge for children age 10 and under).

We are sorry that this change is necessary, but in order to keep this meeting in Ponte Vedra going in a sustainable way, we need to bring in more revenue to offset the considerable cost for this multi-day event.

The other change involves how rooms are reserved. The Ponte Vedra Inn is requiring us to move to a more traditional method of room reservations typical of other conferences where the guest makes their own reservation.

Laura Beth will continue to monitor the housing block daily to be sure all meeting attendees are booking in a timely manner and that your needs are being noted accordingly. Laura Beth will work with an amazing team at Ponte Vedra, and we feel confident you will be well taken care of.

IF YOU HAVE TO CANCEL YOUR ROOM, please contact Laura Beth (770-298-1926) prior to calling the resort. There is often a wait list for oceanfront accommodations and your cancellation may help accommodate another attendee.

If you have questions or need assistance, please call, or text Laura Beth on her cell (770-298-1926) or send her an email at laurabeth@gapf.org

Mike Giles
Georgia Poultry Federation